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#Dirt skills

Now in this vid I wanted to show you cornering to near perfection. At 0:07 I’m not really one for breaking so instead I approached the the “hair pin left” at a reasonable speed wide from the turn in point. Gently easing off the gas I turned in. Its important to carry speed through any corner so initially you under-steer into the apex then with the momentum you begin to slide with the angle of your car becoming more sideways (over-steer).
At 0:16 I made the car kiss the middle of the apex just a smooch before turning the opposite way into the slide. Consistently holding the gas just slightly to carry the speed all the way round with control. For more wider angles you could approach the turn faster, turning in less so when you reach the middle of the apex you push harder on the gas and turn the opposite way initialising the drift. For this hair pin I waited until I was completely clear of the apex before accelerating hard out of the turn


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