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Conceptual no?

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An epiphany of love ..written one early morning

I woke up one morning and she was on my mind like i haven’t been thinking about her all night all time.
This person i know now just feels like someone i knew, like what i was feeling wasn’t the truth, she let me in then pushed me out.. Did i do you wrong? I cant figure it out.
I can feel her running through my veins like an obsessive drug that doesn’t ease the pain.
This sh** hurts but i don’t let you see it, what your looking for i can be it.

I liked the times when things felt new. I tried my best my best to keep the spark renewed.
I understood the sh** you was going through, knowing the games we was playing just won’t do.
..But still i tried my best to be there for you.

Feels like i’ve got box where “it” should be, like the “word” ..the “emotion” just doesn’t exist in me…
I’m coming to the conclusion i’m like all the rest because what i really want i can’t get..

By Lawrence B